Monday, 10 April 2017

Thing's That Has Been Happening Lately...

It's been a while again since I wrote here. 
My daughter Sheila took me out for afternoon tea March 13th for my up and coming birthday 15th April when I will be 70 years of age. She took me out at that time as it was her weeks holiday from work.
I had a wonderful time scoffing all the goodies as you can see...haha! Seriously it was a lovely day. Afterwards we went back to Sheila's and watched a DVD and I returned home around 5:pm. Thanks Sheila for my lovely day.

Well what can I say! A few other things have happened since I last posted here. 

My Zo has moved too Plaistow, London with her boyfriend Shane and his family. 
I have been keeping in contact with Zoe via facebook messaging. She seems to be ok, but I sometimes wonder if it is her I'm chatting too!?? I have sent her an Easter card, if she gets it she will message me and let me know she's got it. And, I think I will ask Zoe what I say to her about a holiday and see if she responds to that. If its Zoe I know what she would say.

And there's Steven what can I say about him!?? He don't do much and stays in his room a lot which I've told him he should be doing things and going out, and he wears sunglasses all the time which is no good for his eyes. He is and has become a problem and I just don't know what to do about him.

? is in a lot of pain and has worsened over a matter of weeks I would say. He is getting lots of pain in his body and a lot of bad headaches and pains in his head. And he has a lot of aggression in him.

As for me, I get so down in myself at times which makes me angry with myself a lot of the time, mostly because of all the negative issues around me all day and every day, but I cope  the best I can.
I have got another chest infection and I'm now on antibiotics and steroids. I started taking the antibiotics on Saturday 8th April and started to take the Steroids today 10th April. I will have to keep an eye on this infection in-case it turns into something else. At my age I can't be too careful as it worries me a bit.

I started the 2-Day Diet last week and doing ok on it too. Monday's and Thursday's are my 2 days of fasting and tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I am feeling good about this diet. I've got to do this diet foe health reasons, too late for vanity for me.
I have 2 facebook friends doing the same diet so we can compare. It is good for our morale to be diet buddies.  

Well, that's all the news I can think of right now, but I think I have left out a few other issues that has happened as I can't remember anything else.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

There has been so much going on here and I just don't know where to start. I think I will start with ?
? moods have been horrible, especially towards me. I don't seem to be doing or saying anything right in his eyes and when I do say anything he intimidates me, patronizes me or manipulates me. I don't know where I am most of the time with him. I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but something always gets in the way to upset me.
*Then there's my Zoe! She has been stupid enough to self-harm herself. I am so worried about that girl... This is the second time she has done this. She came round on Thursday with her new boyfriend and by the way she was talking it seems to me that she planned it so she could get her own way to leave her mums house.
I was listening to her to what, and how she was saying things. She had attitude and she seemed crafty. She is not the Zoe I know who was so sweet and lovely. She has changed.
*Then there is Steven! He makes everything not worth anything. His outlook on life is next to none and he keeps mimicking religious stuff, he is anti-religious and the things he says and does makes me so angry. It's not just religious stuff, its everything he says and does, or don't do! It is really hard to explain what Steven is like and what he says.
*And the is me! When ? has his bad mood swings aimed at me I just can't keep quite and let it go, I retaliate and say what I want to say good or bad and I do the same with Steven. And, when I'm doing things that go wrong, I swear to myself out loud. I'm either dropping things a lot or something boils over on the cooker or I cut myself, the latter I do a lot and I just get angry with myself. I don't get any help from either ? or Steven. All I get is where's this or that, where's my tea, where's my dinner. Buying and cooking food, cleaning and washing-up, or anything come to that I have to do it with no help that matters, just little bits here and there like opening a tin, something like that. I feel so angry and lost inside and it shows on my face. I find it hard to laugh properly, I am more stone faced and I hate being like this.

The atmosphere here in this house is way off as being homely and comfortable. I feel like a stranger in my own home and I don't know what to do about it. When I'm on my own I feel really good about everything and I can get on with stuff that I want to do around the house, things that I am able to do that is as I get so tired and fatigued.
I have noticed a few times that I have almost passed out. Like yesterday while shopping I was so dizzy and fell sideways onto the trolly. It was such a weird feeling. I had already had breakfast, so it wasn't that I hadn't eaten at all. I will have to keep an eye on that. I had already checked my blood sugars previous to breakfast yesterday morning which read 4.4 which is normal
I have been dieting since October  when I weighed in at 13st.8lbs and have lost 1st.5lbs so far. I have been eating proper meals by cutting down on portions, and drinking loads of hot water and doing light exercises that I can manage.
I feel really good of what I have achieved and will start a new diet in the New Year Tuesday 3/1/2017 as I want to lose at least another 2stone. I must keep check on what I eat over the Christmas and New Year Holidays. 


from me...Sarah!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Diabetes and C.O.P.D. Reviewal With Nurse...

 Diabetes Type2: 
I went to see the nurse yesterday and she has put me on a new tablet Sitaglipin 25mg 1xday which is a low dose as well as the Metformin 1500xday I'm already taking. She told me my Pancreas isn't working, she's going by the blood test I had last month.
I felt upset when when the nurse was talking to me and giving me a some severe words of warning. I know she is right with what she said and, I know it is all my own fault for not taking myself in hand in the beginning when it could have been all turned around. Now I've got to stay on the medications for the rest of my life, where if I had just stopped eating the wrong foods and watched what I ate in the first place, I would be alright now. I'm such a stupid, stupid woman for not taking myself in hand in the beginning. But saying that I've just got to get on with it and look after myself better from now on.

I feel pleased that my H...something or other percentage has risen to 88% At one point it was 75% and borderline stage 2-3 Now its stage 2.  So yes, I'm pleased about that.
Well at least something has got better. 

Now I've got to get my eating habits sorted out and my weight down. I know I can do this

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Confirmation of Asbestos on Lung and Brain,,,

I'm concerned about ? He went to see his GP yesterday. ? asked what can be done about the Asbestos in his lung. The GP told him that they were talking about taking ? lung out and  decided against it because it would spread further and fast. ? asked about the mass on the brain and was told that is Asbestos too. The GP said they are concerned about the severe headaches ? is having as they are there all the time. The Doctors don't know what to do at the moment.
? has now got confirmation about the Asbestos in his lung and on his brain.

I'm thinking this could be secondary Cancer. I know this wrong to think like this, but we have to think ahead as it don't sound good and nothing can be done, there's no cure. 
I know ? is worried about it as I am too. ? and myself are wondering how long he has. 
It feels like a hopeless situation, but I know I will have to stay strong for ? and carry on as normal. as normal like make light of this health condition like the other conditions he has. 
? does the same about my own health conditions too. It helps to lighten the load so to speak.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

My Bad Chiari Day...
My Bad Chiari Day

I had a bad yesterday. My whole body was in pain really but, mostly my head, neck, upper and lower spine seemed more noticeable and in a sort of confused, all over the place feeling (can't think of the words here, I think you know what I mean)
My head felt like it was going to burst with pain that seemed to be mostly at the back of my head and neck and, it felt like it was all over my head too, my eyes and face...throbbing.
I could feel my spine and ribs: Upper spine, neck felt painfully sore, sort of hot. My lower spine felt more worse than my upper spine painful and hot. ribs felt kind of bruised!??
My hands and feet were painful with soreness, in the flesh of my hands and feet, the bones were painful too and kept twisting with cramp, both hands and feet...I felt so tired and painfully fatigued.
It seemed like all the pains was happening all in one day.This has happened a few times before all at once. Normally I get one or two of the area pains happen here and there,..often, but not all of them at the same time.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MY First Signs of Something Wrong...

I was thinking yesterday (haha! Thinking, that's a laugh on its own) about when I first noticed something going wrong with me. I think I was around 15-16. I was having bad migraines and was sent for tests with, like electrode things stuck on my scalp and I noticed I was having numbness in the top of my L/thigh. I didn't think nothing of the numbness at the time or after come to that. I was more concerned about my headaches. I was sent away with pain killers!?? I thought no more about it and just took the pain killers when needed. Some years later I had 2 Epileptic fits. I had an MRI scan but, Chiari was never mentioned and years later 2006 I had another MRI scan and was diagnosed with Chiari. So thinking about it. I wonder if Chiari could have been there all the time before diagnosis!

And, thinking further back in my secondary school years. I do remember having problems with lessons, listening to what is said and forgetting straight away, couldn't concentrate or grasp what was being taught. A kind of blankness!? And I couldn't hold a conversation for long or couldn't find the words I wanted to say. Yes, I think this Chiari symptoms could go back much further than I first thought. The numbness in my L/thigh was there earlier than I thought. I think I thought at the time it was my weight problem causing the numbness in my thigh!??
And, my legs and feet going to sleep, tingling numbness. This I noticed when riding my bike around the streets, anyway that's what is coming to mind now. Why didn't I mention this to my parents I don't know, maybe, I thought they might have think me nuts or something.