Saturday, 23 January 2016

Good Week!

Well I never, I got into my blog without any hassle would you believe! 
This week has been ok, in fact its been a good week altogether.
My weight has stayed the same as last week, mainly because I had stew and 2 dumplings for dinner yesterday. I haven't lost or gained any weight when I weighed myself this morning but, my blood sugar had risen from 5.1 to 6.1 which isn't too bad really. I did expect my blood sugar to rise more than that after eating the stew...cut down again today.

My daughter SH and granddaughter Z will be round later today. I am looking forward to seeing them both. It will be my daughter's 43rd birthday on Tuesday.
My granddaughter came round Thursday just gone for a couple of hours, we chatted for a bit then ? came in, then ? and Z chatted for quite some time while I got on with a couple of  things that I wanted to do.

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