Friday, 8 January 2016

Test Results!

Yesterday ? went to the Drs to get his blood test and ultra scan results which was NOT good news. His liver is part fat and he has got patches all over the liver and he has to have another scan to investigate further because of the pains he is experiencing. The GP is looking for cancer. Plus his blood test came back with too many white blood cells. His blood test has gotten worse since the last time he had it done which wasn't all that long ago, December 2015 I think it was!? The GP has given him some different medications, not sure what they are as yet.

The GP told ? he has got to lose weight and change his life-style or he could be dead within 3 months. No, things are not looking good for ? at all right now.
When I saw ? this morning, he said, he didn't drink any alcohol at all last night, just water. I really don't know how ? is going to turn all this around to save himself,  It will be hard for him that's for sure!


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