Saturday, 16 January 2016

Weight Loss!

This past week hasn't been too bad. Both ? and I have been closely watching our diets. I have lost I have lost 7.lbs since New Year. I found it hard to lose weight to start off with but now I've gotten used to it and everything seems to be much easier and hopefully I will be able to lose more weight. I think I might have to change more in my diet and do more of my light exercises though. I bought a new coat just to go shopping in. It fits but I think I need to lose about another 7.lbs before I can go out in it for the coat to look right on me. 7.lbs isn't much so it won't take long to lose that.
? however, looks like hes lost some weight and he can now fasten his jacket up now where it wasn't even touching to fasten. He said hes lost 2 stone since he was weighed at the Hospital a couple of weeks back!? not sure of that myself. Then again, he has stopped drinking and it is noticeable on his stomach and in his face so, he could have.

If we keep an eye on each others progress we should be ok. We've got to lose weight for our own health reasons. Personally, I am feeling good about myself for losing the 7.lbs so far and, I can feel the difference. 
? was told by his GP that if he didn't change his life style he would be dead within 3 months. That was a kick up the back-side for him to get motivated to stop the drinking and lose weight and, hopefully his breathing will become easier for him. ? has got Heart Disease, Emphysema, C.O.P.D. and more...  

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