Friday, 18 March 2016


I'm not feeling good about myself this morning because, I over ate, sort of comfort eating yesterday, I suppose! Due to someone upsetting me at the start of my day and a bit later in the morning with a lot of unwanted verbal, although I gave as good as I got and more! I can be very wicked with my wording at times when anyone upsets me, especially the person in question and everything else goes out the window too and I end up comfort eating. I just could not shift the awful angry thoughts and feelings within me. After dinner, around 1.30pm I went to rest in my room as I was tired/fatigued<<that is the norm for me everyday> and still shaking with anger. I tried to drown out the terrible thoughts and feelings I had and put my head-phones on really LOUD so I couldn't hear anyone and watched a DVD 'Angels and Demons' It worked for a while, while I was watching the film, but I still felt this anger lingering inside me for the rest of the day and evening. And, I had a bad nights sleep too, my mind was working over time all night. So, this morning I'm feeling really tired, but saying that my anger has subsided and I'm just feeling bewildered as to why and how I let myself get in such a state. I normally let things flow through me but yesterday I didn't see the argument coming. I hate the mood swings this person has, I wasn't prepared for the outburst, I usually can see it coming and felt like I was pushed in a corner and couldn't breath so, I had to lash out myself. I hate doing that, I would rather walk away from an argument.
..Today, I will try again with my diet.

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Sarah! said...

I want to add, the mood swings are due to Bipolar.

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