Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gas Leak! And Contractors To Re-furbish Kitchen...

Its been a while since I last posted here. A lot has been going on. 
My diet is on hold right now and my weight is steady. Well, at least it hasn't gone up aye!??

These past two weeks contractors from the council have been in my house re-furbishing my kitchen so, I haven't been able to use my cooker and had to have take-away's for a few days here and there. 
There has been lots of moaning and groaning going on about the work that's been done (not from me, I might add) I just take things in my stride. A family member is up in arms about the units and how they have been put in
The man has just arrived to paint the ceiling and walls for me. I told him the kitchen cupboard's haven't been finished yet, he said, a handy man will come and fix everything once the painting and flooring tiles has been laid. The men have also just brought the equipment so the man can do the paint work, ceiling and walls. I didn't have much of a choice of color's to chose from that I liked. Blue, green, dark red-ish beige color or white. I chose white because I can have it done the color I really wanted at a later date. I chose yellow tiles to go above the units mainly because I want a peach color paint on my walls when it is done later. The floor tiles are dark grey, I think!? the units are oak. It should look really nice once it is all done.

Last night, I had to call out the emergency gas board to check a leak in the kitchen where the carpenter had put a cupboard around the meter. Apparently, when the council man came to do a gas check about 4 weeks back had left a screw or something undone. I hadn't noticed the smell before because the meter wasn't covered up and I always had my back door open when cooking. Anyway, that is all sorted now. Today however, I will phone the council and let them know what had happened.
Oh yeah! another thing, when the man did come to re-fit my cooker yesterday before I phoned the gas people, I told him there was gas leak since the cupboard had been fitted and he phoned his boss and told him, but nothing was done and when he fitted my cooker up he had made shoddy work of it so, I wasn't able to use it as it looked dangerous. When I phone the council today, I will be telling them what the contractors had done. Plus, I can't understand a word of what they are saying because they are Polish.

Next Tuesday,  I've got someone coming around to access me for a wet-room in my bathroom. Not sure if I want that done or not now (it would be done by the council if I have it done, not contractors) I can't remember what color I picked!? I think it was white tiles for the walls with dark grey flooring that they do. Oh well, we will see aye!


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Stevie Calloway said...

Gas leaks are always really scary, and even when the gas or utility companies give the all clear, I am still really nervous to get back in my home. Last time it happened to me, I took the pets and high tailed it to my sisters home for the night! Always wise to get the utility companies out to check.

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