Wednesday, 20 July 2016


There's been a lot going on over the last few months concerning ? His health had got worse. 
He had a X-Rays and a CT scan that showed he has a lump in his lung. He has cancelled many hospital appointments over about what!? 2 years I would say.
Recently he  has had emergency appointment's at the hospital. CT scans, ENT and has seen consultants. ? mentioned to the consultant he was told he has a lump on his left lung and the consultant told him it is Asbestos which threw him for a while as he didn't expect to be told that. ? thought it was Emphysema or C.O.P.D. that was causing him to choke and cough continuous  day and night and he has got a lot of pain in his body. Plus, he has also got a mass on the brain. Whether they are connected to the Asbestos or not we don't know, but it don't look good.
? has got many symptoms, but he isn't losing weight, in fact he gaining weight mainly because he is drinking wine again to help him with his nerves.

? worked with Asbestos late 1960's (under age) demolishing buildings to get some money for his mum, dad and family. He also smoked heavily from an early age and worked repairing cars. Brake pads ect...also decorating the ceiling and walls with Artex over the years and taking walls down in the home ect...
In those early days no-one knew about Asbestos, I think it was just coming to light how dangerous Asbestos is. I/we are wondering what type of Cancer ? has got either Asbestosis or Mesothelioma. It don't matter which because they are both really bad to have. 
A person can live for about 5 years with these conditions. We/I am are wondering how long ? has because of the appointment cancellations roughly over, 2 years, maybe longer.

Even I have had contact with Asbestos living in prefabs and helping my mum making gas mantles. And, I've washed ? clothes when he had finished working on the cars. I've not been checked for Asbestos myself.  But saying all this, I am more concerned about ?
We actually make light of his and my illnesses and  and take the mick out of each other or make jokes, some jokes are dark, some are light but we laugh about our illnesses which I think is good so we don't have time to think about ourselves, especially ? health right now.


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